Counterfeits & Replicas

We're super proud of the integrity and artistry that goes into every knife we create here at Folded Steel. However, like with all great things, we've got some copycats on the prowl.

We have been made aware of sites selling counterfeits and imitations of our knives at ridiculously low prices. These sellers are using stolen pictures to represent a product they cannot actually deliver on. These products use inferior materials and have horrible blade geometry. We have our legal folks tackling this head-on to take down fraudulent listings, however the internet is a big place and there may still be a few floating around. 

Authentic Folded Steel products are only available through and our official FoldedSteelKitchen social media accounts. We do not have any authorized third party resellers. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer support or returns on products not purchased through us.


TLDR; If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!


Thanks for being understanding, being vigilant, and most importantly, for making Folded Steel your go-to choice for high-quality knives. You're awesome!