Our Story

Folded Steel is a premium knife company known for its unique blades, high-quality knife sets and handcrafted accessories. The brand was founded by best friends Tom & Cory after realizing that traditional chef’s knives lacked the aesthetics to make the user feel like an artist.

Deciding to take matters into their own hands (quite literally), the two men made it their mission to create a collection of knives that bridged the gap between chef and artist.

They began crafting knives out of a basement, motivated by the possibility that Folded Steel could one day be in every household. As the brand quickly gained attention, demand forced them to expand production outside of their home workshop. At that point, Tom & Cory set off to travel the world looking for ethically sourced materials and local artisans to help craft their signature knives. They knew that they could make a difference in the knife industry with highly skilled artisans, ethically sourced lumber, quality steel, and paying a livable wage.

All Folded Steel blades are handcrafted by local blacksmiths in Pakistan and China before heading back to the states for a rigorous finishing process. Once at the production facility in Nashville, knives are inspected to ensure maximum comfort and precision that customers can trust.
Inspired by a community of chefs, artists and adventurers, Folded Steel continues to produce high-quality knife sets and accessories that are truly….a cut above the rest.