Extraordinary displays of functional art, guaranteed to make mouths water. Easily the best looking knives on the market, carefully designed to inspire your inner artist.


Handcrafted by some of the best blacksmiths in the world, each of our unique collections are made using ethically sourced materials of the highest quality.

Over the years, we’ve been meticulously detailed in perfecting our masterpieces. We take customer feedback directly to our forge so we can ensure each knife performs flawlessly, looks amazing, and feels comfortable for extended periods of use.


Personalize your dream set or send your loved ones the perfect gift, with our engraving feature. We use an Epilog 80 watt industrial laser to engrave your products with the highest detail available on the market. From initials to graphics, your knives and accessories can be made truly one-of-a-kind.


If anything goes wrong with your knife we've got you covered.

We believe that with any good investment, you should be protected from defects that are out of your control. If your product falls victim to any issues with the build quality, please contact us and we will make it right.


Good things don’t come cheap and these aint yo’ mama’s kitchen knives. Discover the difference and sheer power behind a knife created by blacksmiths that are truly masters at their craft. Handcrafted knives require extra attention, time, and superior quality materials.

We understand that the key to a worthwhile long-term investment is long-lasting knives. Whether you’re the weekend BBQ warrior, home chef extraordinaire, or pro kitchen elite, you need a durable set that will thrive for years to come. Level up your knife game with Folded Steel.

  • I've been a chef for over a decade and can vouche these are legit. Aesthetically pleasing but also a workhorse, I have 2 custom $400-500 dollar knives that I baby but don't rock on the line, I reserve them for prep mostly. These bad boys I'm not worried about taking a hit. Not scary sharp out of the box but a few aggressive passes on a good steel got em in the shape I wanted. The blade is a little on the robust side but I like it. Handle construction, contours, and over all ergonomics suit my personal taste very well.

    Hats off folded steel and well done, Cheers

  • What an amazing gift! I bought these for my husbands 32nd birthday along with the wet stone. He loves to cook, and let me just say this set was a HIT! The quality, the packaging, the hand written note on my invoice. Just. Wow. As small business owners we understand that taking these small extra steps mean a world of difference, we will be repeat customers. Oh, and did I mention how kick a** they look and how well made they are?! Thanks again for making his birthday amazing, and me look really awesome!

  • Recently received this knife as a Christmas gift from my wife. I originally asked for the Wolf's Bane chefs knife but my wife was a little late to the party and they were sold out. I can say that I'm not upset they were, because this cleaver is an awesome kitchen tool! It's perfect for the heavier tasks around the kitchen and came shave my arm sharp out of the box!

    Only cautions I would give to the novice knife enthusiasts is this knife does require some ongoing care with regards to keeping the blade lightly oil to prevent oxidization. Folded Steel does address this in their product description so it's no surprise but worth keeping in mind when buying this piece of art.