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Chef Apron | rPET

Chef Apron | rPET

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12 oz rPET Canvas
100% Cotton Strap


32" H x 30" W

Care Instructions

Spot wash with mild soap and cold water


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Embrace Sustainability in Style with Our Eco-Friendly Apron

Step into your kitchen with a purpose and style with our latest creation - an apron crafted from the innovative rPET canvas, a fabric made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. This apron isn't just a nod to sustainability; it's a full embrace of it, combining environmental responsibility with top-notch quality and functionality.

Our commitment to the planet goes beyond the choice of fabric. The rPET canvas has earned the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certification, assuring you of its authenticity and eco-friendliness. It's not just about being green; it's about meeting the highest standards. Weighing in at a sturdy 12 oz, this rPET canvas is as durable as it is eco-conscious, designed to withstand the rigors of kitchen use while keeping you comfortable.

But our commitment doesn't stop at the fabric. The apron is a product of ethical and responsible manufacturing, born in a facility that boasts ISO9001, 4-Pillar SMETA, and GRS Scope certifications. You're not just wearing an apron; you're wearing a promise of ethical craftsmanship and sustainable practices.

We know that in the heat of the kitchen, spills and stains are part of the journey. That's why we've made caring for your apron as straightforward as possible. Treat it just like you would any canvas or cotton material. A spot wash with mild soap and cold water is all it takes to tackle any mess. A gentle rub with a sponge or soft brush, a rinse with cold water, and an air dry will have it looking as good as new. It's low maintenance for a high-paced kitchen life.

And let's talk about comfort – the strap of the apron is made from 100% cotton, ensuring a fit that's comfortable for hours on end, whether you're whisking, chopping, or sautéing.

This apron isn't just a tool; it's a statement. A declaration of your dedication to quality, sustainability, and ethical choices. It's a reflection of your values, worn proudly every time you step into your kitchen domain.

Join us on this sustainable journey. Make the switch to an apron that not only helps you make great food but also makes a great difference.

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